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We deliver robust solutions that add value to a project, whilst minimising the client's risk profile; a key strength of our business is our on-going relationships with several like-minded leading companies and the assurance that our offering, if and when combined, is the strongest in the industry.



From undertaking due diligence on a project's 'constructability', through to providing a complete offshore team of professionals that manage every aspect of installation and construction; our approach minimises risk, maximises uptime and drives the project to conclusion.



As offshore wind installations move into deeper, harsher waters, the need for offshore generators providing a temporary power source will increase. We provide a proven life-cycle solution from generator supply through to the provision of 'state of the art' refuelling vessels and highly experienced technicians.



Our 'backbone' is deep water construction, installation and maintenance. With the offshore wind sector now awash with two main types of vessel (personnel transfer and jack-up) our focus is primarily on the operation and maintenance phase and the design of a multi-purpose vessel, bespoke to the renewables industry.


Working in partnership

The management of theoffshoreconsortium has worked in the offshore renewable sector since 2002.

Holding senior positions in both consultancy and construction led companies we have been fortunate to have worked with many individuals and companies that we hold in high regard.

Our personal strengths lie in the delivery of solutions (of a personnel / equipment / vessel nature) and ensuring the end-client is fully engaged in the workscope; our desire is to offer a well-thought out alternative to the ‘one stop shop’ approach, where the offering can often be diluted and the ability to add value, lacking.

Our current partnership arrangements allow us to complete full packages of work (as per ‘Temporary Power’ section), without compromising on any detail of the scope – the management and client interface lies, as per the responsibility, with us.


Construction management

There are offshore wind projects that have had over £1 million worth of vessels and equipment on site per day.

As wind farms venture into deeper waters, further from the shore, a new approach and step-change in level of management is needed to make projects viable.

theoffshoreconsortium management is made up of mariners and engineers that have:

  • Constructed offshore projects as part of a vessel’s senior crew; whilst also having
  • Interacted with CEO’s top level management within utilities / OEMs / banks / insurers

This combination is rare in the offshore renewables sector and we look to work alongside the Project Developer to optimise the construction strategy, assist with assigning major contracts and interact directly with the designated contractors throughout the installation phase; this team forms the core of the interface from development office, through staging port, to the offshore worksite.

We work directly with the client, we manage risk, we take responsibility.


Temporary power

The provision, installation and refuelling operation of generators (to provide light, power, humidity control, etc) was until recently linked to the cable installation and classed as a risk mitigation, rather than part of the construction phase.

To coincide with projects programming ‘temporary power’ into their timescales, theoffshoreconsortium has partnered with Manor Renewable Energy Ltd to offer a bespoke, all-encompassing solution:

  • Highly experienced management team, technicians and crew
  • Generators designed and fabricated to interface correctly with the transition piece and turbine
  • Fuel tanks with as large as practical capacity
  • Aims to install onto transition piece whilst in the staging port to minimise offshore works
  • Modular design for ease of decommissioning
  • State of the art refuelling vessels with an onboard capacity of up to 40 tonnes

As offshore wind moves further offshore, temporary power will become vital and theoffshoreconsortium are currently designing a new class of vessel, one that we believe will become the industry standard, to meet the growing needs of the sector.


Vessel innovation

We believe in the need for a new vessel type to revolutionise the operation and maintenance of future wind farm builds; daily transit time combined with the increasing variety of maintenance activity, feeds this belief.

Where heavy lift works to the nacelle and blades is required, the developer will have to turn to the standard solution of a jack-up barge/vessel; there lies little option.

Our solution looks to cover all other aspects of the O&M phase, from one 65 metre vessel:

  • DP Class 2 station keeping ability (as per IMCA D 035)
  • Live onboard facilities for 40 technicians
  • Walk to work access system for use during increased significant wave height
  • 2 x 15 metre PTVs for day to day transfers
  • 50t onboard crane with heave system
  • Vertical lay system for cable
  • Dive control and launch platform
  • ROV davit and control centre
  • A-frame for cable and survey works
  • Large main deck for flexibility of operation

The aim is to design a vessel that does each operation as well as any vessel designed purely for a singular purpose; if we achieve that then every type of remedial activity is at the wind farm operator’s fingertips and personnel onsite 24 x 7 to undertake the works.

Increased availability leads to increased productivity and we welcome feedback and discussion on the above.

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